How to choose suitcase size Summary of optimal capacity by number of nights

When choosing a suitcase, first consider the purpose, location, and duration of your trip. Depending on this, you will need to choose suitcases with different sizes and functions.

Also, by choosing the color and design that suits you, you can enjoy your travels even more.

Rough guideline for number of nights/capacity

The size of your suitcase is basically chosen depending on the number of nights you will be staying. Generally speaking, it is said to be about 10 liters per night, but if you take into account things like buying souvenirs at your destination, 10 liters per night may not be enough.

Also, the amount of luggage you need to carry will vary depending on the time of your trip and your destination. In winter or when going to a place with low temperatures, we recommend choosing a suitcase that is slightly larger, as your clothes will be thicker and bulkier.

Taking the above into consideration, the approximate number of nights and capacity can be summarized as follows.

  • 1-2 nights: 30 liters or less
  • 2-4 nights: 30-45 liters
  • 3-5 nights: 46-60 liters
  • Around 1 week: 61 to 80 liters
  • 10 days or more: 81 liters or more

    • Choose the suitcase that best suits your travel style.

      Consider whether to carry on the plane or check baggage.

      When choosing a suitcase, it is also important to decide whether to carry it on the plane or to check it in as hand luggage.

      The general suitcase size that can be carried on board is said to be ``within 115 cm in total length on three sides (height, width, and depth) and 10 kg in weight,'' but depending on the airline, the size of the suitcase is set by default. We recommend that you check the website of the airline you will be using in advance, as the information may vary.

      Additionally, when checking in baggage, there are certain size regulations. The maximum size is that the total of three sides (total external height, total width, and total external depth) is [within 158 cm], and if the size exceeds the specified size, an excess fee will be charged. Caution is required.

      If you are checking in your luggage, it is a good idea to choose a suitcase that is strong, as there is a risk that your suitcase and the luggage inside it will be damaged.

      Recommended suitcases by number of nights

      Recommended suitcases by number of nights

      From here, we will introduce recommended suitcases in different sizes depending on the number of nights you stay.

      1-2 nights (33 liters or less)

      moln Small+ size (terracotta)

      Small+ size is compatible with carry-on on most airlines.
      Comes with a seamless PC pocket accented with a belt.

      2-4 nights (30-45 liters)

      moln Small size (stone)

      The Small size is suitable for carry-on on most airlines. A simple type that does not come with a PC pocket. It is very convenient to carry as it fits perfectly in a coin locker.

      3-5 nights (46-60 liters)

      moln Large size (charcoal)

      Large is the deposit size. This size is recommended for overseas business trips and long-term travel.
      *PC pocket is not included.

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