[Overseas Travel] What is lost baggage countermeasure and delayed baggage?

What is lost baggage?

Lost baggage refers to baggage that is lost at the airport without being brought onto the plane. When your baggage becomes lost, you will be in trouble because your baggage will not come out even if you wait at the baggage claim (baggage claim area).

Although it varies depending on the airline and airport used, it is said that about 5 out of 1,000 people are victims of lost baggage. It is also said that the airports where most cases of lost baggage occur are large and heavily used for transit, such as Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Heathrow Airport in London, and Changi Airport in Singapore. Everyone is at risk of encountering lost baggage problems, so it is important to take adequate measures.

In case of lost baggage

If your baggage is lost, please go to the lost baggage counter at the airport. If you tell the airport staff at baggage claim, "My luggage hasn't come out yet," they will guide you. Follow the instructions of the staff and hand over your ticket and tag.

Then, fill out the necessary information on the loss certificate and submit it. The loss certificate must include your name, address, flight number, ticket number, address of your accommodation, characteristics of your checked baggage, etc. Once you submit your loss certificate, you will receive a copy. Generally, if you find the item during your stay, it will be delivered to the address where you are staying, but depending on the airline, you may have to choose between picking it up at the airport or having it delivered for a fee.

Additionally, if the item is found after returning home, you will need to request delivery for a fee. When you experience lost baggage, you tend to run out of daily necessities. Depending on the coverage provided by your overseas travel insurance, the cost of purchasing personal items that become necessary due to lost baggage may be covered, so be sure to check. If you are covered, buy it at your destination and file a claim with your insurance company when you return. Airlines and airports may also provide travel kits for victims of lost baggage.

Countermeasures you can take from now

If you are about to go on a trip by plane, it is not too late to take precautions against lost baggage. First, remove any old tags from your luggage. This is because there is a risk that airport staff may misread the tags and end up on another flight.

It is also effective to attach name tags to your luggage. Having a name tag reduces the risk of your item being accidentally taken by someone else. Furthermore, many of the suitcases lined up at the pick-up area are in dark colors such as black, navy blue, and gray, so we recommend choosing a suitcase that won't overlap with other people. Just by having bright colors, you are less likely to suffer from lost baggage.

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When you check your luggage at the airport, you will be given a copy of the claim tag, so make sure that the destination and flight number are correct. Even if you notice this after checking in your luggage and passing through the security gate, you can have it corrected by going to the counter before departure.

Lost baggage occurs due to human error, so there is no perfect countermeasure. It is important to put valuables in your carry-on luggage so that you will not have any trouble during your stay even if your baggage becomes lost. Try to put a day's worth of clothes and personal items in your hand luggage, so you don't panic if your baggage becomes lost.

Beware of delayed baggage

In addition to lost baggage, delayed baggage requires special attention. Delayed baggage refers to baggage checked in at the airport that is not loaded onto the plane you boarded and arrives late.

In the case of delayed baggage, the airline is often aware that the baggage has been delayed, and when you go to the lost baggage counter, in most cases you will receive an explanation that your baggage will arrive on the next flight. The main cause is forgetting to pack luggage on the first boarding flight or connecting flight. However, if the plane is delayed in the first place, it may not be possible to load the baggage in time and it may be necessary to put it on the next flight. It is a case-by-case decision whether to delay departure until all luggage is loaded or prioritize departure.

The coverage of overseas travel insurance for delayed baggage is different from that for lost baggage. Even if there is compensation for expenses such as delays in checked baggage, generally there is no compensation unless there is a delay of 6 hours or more. If your luggage arrives on a flight arriving in 2 hours, you will have to pick it up at the airport. Please be aware that if you need personal items and purchase them, they will not be covered by insurance. It is best not to buy unnecessary baggage unless it is recognized as lost baggage.

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