In order to realize sustainable travel, moln has implemented a program to collect and recycle unwanted suitcases when customers purchase a new suitcase. Collected suitcases are reused depending on their condition, and if this is not possible, they are recycled by material, aiming for a 100% recycling rate.
If you would like to apply, please apply using the link in the order completion email you receive when purchasing.
We hope you will take advantage of this program and enjoy a new journey with moln.


  • ・For each moln suitcase purchased, we will collect one unit.
  • ・Suitcases that are collected can be of any manufacturer, size, or condition.
  • Shipping and collection costs are free.
  • ・The application period for this service is within 30 days of the product arrival date.
  • ・Please note that suitcases cannot be returned once collected.
  • - There is no need to pack or cover your suitcase, so simply hand it over to the delivery person.
  • ・In order to minimize the burden on the environment, suitcases in good condition may be sold second-hand by our partner companies. Please note.
  • ・Personal information handled in this case will be used only for providing this service. Please check the privacy policy page.
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