4 things that are useful to carry on a plane


Masks are an essential item to stay comfortable on the plane.
This is a very useful item when the cabin is dry or when a large amount of dust suddenly flies.

People with allergies may react to some kind of foreign enemy by causing runny noses or coughs due to dust, etc., so they may use it as a temporary guard.
The seats on the plane are very crowded in economy class, so if you are particularly sensitive to bad odors such as the smell of cigarettes or alcohol, you will definitely have to avoid them if there is a source of such odors nearby. There are many things.

If you are particularly sensitive to bad odors, such as the smell of cigarettes or alcohol, a mask will often provide some relief from those odors.

Please note that some airlines require the wearing of masks, and if you are not wearing a mask unless you are unable to do so due to physical or health issues, you will be in more trouble than you can imagine. There is a possibility that it will.

It is important to bring masks from home in a mask case or purchase a small number of masks in advance. Buy it if you forget to put it in your bag or leave it in your trunk.


A toothbrush is an effective item to refresh yourself from the stress and fatigue of a long flight.

In business class, toothbrushes are sometimes provided on the seats, but I have never had one in economy class. Based on this experience, it's a good idea to carry a portable toothbrush set in your bag when flying in economy class.

Brushing your teeth when you wake up from sleep or after eating an in-flight meal will keep your mouth and mood comfortable. Also, getting up from your seat when going to the toilet gives you an opportunity to move your body, which improves blood flow and reduces stress.

There are fewer people using the restroom when the lights are off, so we recommend brushing your teeth at the right time.


When flying at high altitudes, the temperature inside an airplane often gets very low or feels colder than you imagine.
Before boarding the plane, you can get a blanket from the flight attendant at the boarding gate, or you can request one on the plane to keep yourself warm.

In addition, if you have a jacket that is easy to put on and take off, such as a cardigan or hoodie, you will be able to enjoy your time comfortably even when the cabin suddenly gets cold or gets a little thick.

By using blankets for your feet and wearing your own jacket for your upper body, you can adjust the temperature difference while enjoying a free and comfortable time in the sky, which is very convenient.

When boarding a plane, we recommend that you always carry at least one jacket with you, instead of putting it in your luggage and putting it in your luggage.


When you take a long flight overseas or within a short distance in Japan, you may end up sitting down and staying in the same position, which can cause your legs to swell.
If your feet are swollen and your footwear is cramped, you won't be able to relax and enjoy a comfortable flight, so bringing slippers with you will give you a little peace of mind.

Also, I think it is common for people to wear leather shoes on flights for business trips. Wearing leather shoes for a long time can make your feet stuffy and smell bad, and in the worst case, it can cause athlete's foot and other skin problems, so folding slippers or paper slippers are a very convenient item to keep in your bag. is.

If you are flying to a resort trip to a tropical destination or the beach, you can wear skimpy sandals or flip-flops in advance to prevent your feet from swelling, so you can expect the same effect as slippers.

Wearing slippers or sandals is a good way to prevent swelling of your feet, but your clothes should not be too tight and should be a little loose-fitting, and when wearing a belt, make sure to loosen it a little. It would be a good idea to try something like this.

Prepare to suit your own style so that you can enjoy your flight as comfortably as possible.

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