[Suitcase] Difference between inner flat and outer flat

What is the inner flat and outer flat of a suitcase?

Suitcases have inner flats and outer flats.
First of all, an inner flat is literally a structure where the inside of the suitcase is flat.

However, this type also comes in two varieties. One is the type where the handlebar storage part of the suitcase is exposed to the outside of the suitcase instead of having a flat interior. This can be seen at a glance as the handlebar storage area is visible on that side.

The other type stores the handle lever inside and flattens the interior by attaching a plate to the uneven parts inside the suitcase. However, the advantage of the inner flat is greater for the type with the storage area on the outside, so when we say inner flat, we mainly refer to the type with the handle storage area on the outside.

Next, an outer flat is a suitcase that has a flat outer surface. This is a neat type that has the handlebar storage section inside. Although it looks clean on the outside, there are some bumps inside because the handle lever is housed inside.

Outer flats actually have a longer history since they were the first to appear when it comes to suitcases.

Advantages and disadvantages of inner flats

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of inner flats.
First of all, the advantages of inner flats are as follows.

・Easy to pack ・Package inside is less likely to be damaged

The advantage of inner flats is that they are easy to pack.
In the first place, the reason why inner flats were created was to solve the difficulty of packing that occurred with outer flats.

The flat interior makes it easy to pack.
Therefore, for people who are not used to traveling or handling suitcases, it can be said that the advantage of being able to easily store a variety of luggage is great.

However, if you are used to packing, you will take care to pack even if there are some unevenness, so it may not be such a big advantage.
Another advantage is that the luggage inside is less likely to be damaged.
Since there are no uneven surfaces, there is less risk of damage to the baggage inside due to unevenness.

There are also disadvantages, including the following:

・Low strength

The reason for the low strength is that the handlebar storage part is exposed and is easily damaged. There is also a risk that the storage compartment will break if it is thrown at the airport or moved inside the container.

Advantages and disadvantages of outer flats

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We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of outer flats.

First of all, the following are the advantages:

・Good appearance・High strength

Since the outside is flat, the entire suitcase looks neat.
Therefore, the advantage is that it looks smart and looks good when the handlebar is retracted.

Secondly, the handlebars, which are easily damaged in suitcases, are stored inside, making them even stronger.
By making the outer part a single piece of strong material, it is easier to design shock dispersion, which also has the advantage of increasing its strength.

However, there is one disadvantage:

・Difficult to pack

For those who are not used to packing suitcases, the uneven interior can make it difficult to pack. You may have a hard time packing, especially if you bought wine or whiskey as souvenirs.

In fact, inner flats were born due to these disadvantages. For those who are not used to traveling, this point may be a little stressful when using Outer Flat.

In this way, although it has a good appearance and strength, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to pack. However, it is also true that you can overcome this problem by practicing packing.

Choose the one that suits your usage

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As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but when choosing between inner flats and outer flats, it is recommended to pay attention to the advantages.

For ease of packing, choose an inner flat, and for strength, choose an outer flat. Choose a suitcase that takes advantage of the advantages by carefully considering the disadvantages of each.

By doing so, you should be able to go on a comfortable trip without feeling stressed about choosing a suitcase. First of all, we recommend knowing the characteristics of both before choosing a suitcase. Find your favorite suitcase and enjoy your trip.

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