[Business trip] How to properly put a suit in a suitcase

How to bring a change of suit on a business trip

Many people use suitcases when carrying their suits on business trips. I think carrying it in a suit cover is definitely a way to avoid wrinkles, but it's dangerous to have both hands occupied when you move, and more importantly, it doesn't look very cool.

However, if you don't want to carry your clothes in a suitcase as it will cause more wrinkles, we recommend a garment bag. This bag is specialized for storing clothes and is very compact in size, so it won't get in the way when you move.

Garment bags come in various shapes. For example, there is demand for a type that can store two suits for long-term business trips, a type shaped like a business bag that does not get in the way when walking around town, a type that can be hung on the handle of a suitcase, and a large type that can even store leather shoes. We develop various types depending on your needs.

How to properly put a suit in a suitcase

Next, I would like to explain how to properly put a suit in a suitcase for those who put a suit in a suitcase. We recommend putting it in a suit cover and then storing it in your suitcase.

There are several reasons for this; firstly, it eliminates the need to add unnecessary creases to the suit. After all, if you fold a suit for a long time, it will end up with some creases.

Even if you don't pay attention to it, people around you notice it. On the other hand, if you put it in a suit cover, you only need to fold it once, so there will be no unnecessary creases.

Here's what's important. The second reason is that it prevents odors from transferring to the suit. If you buy souvenirs or wear leather shoes while traveling and store them in your suitcase, the smell will transfer to your suit. No matter how cool your suit is, it will be ruined if it stinks.

The third reason is that it prevents moisture and moisture. When a suit absorbs moisture and water, it becomes heavy and causes damage, wrinkles, and discoloration. To prevent this, I put it in a non-woven suit cover after putting it in a vinyl suit cover.

Convenient things to put your suit in

Next, we will introduce some useful items to store your suit. Following the suit cover introduced earlier, we also recommend a wrinkle remover spray. You can purchase this at suit stores such as Aoyama.

Just spray it on the wrinkles that appear even when you put it in a suitcase or garment bag, and it will take advantage of the property of wool and other fibers to swell when they absorb moisture, bringing the wrinkles back to their original state from within the fabric. Masu.

It's also convenient to have one of these. Some of them have scents, so I think it's a good idea to use them as a refresher after you get home from work.

Next is the hanger. Don't you think that all hangers are the same as long as you can dry them? Suits require a special suit hanger. These hangers are designed to be more suitable for storing suits than regular hangers.

By using this, you can prevent wrinkles and deformation and make it easier to store neatly. It's also convenient to have one of these. These are also sold at suit stores, so it would be convenient to purchase them at the same time.

There are various other tools such as rollers and brushes for removing dust, so be sure to check them out.

To keep your suit clean no matter where you go

What did you think. I think there will be many new members of society who will be purchasing new suits from now on, but other people are looking at your suit more than you think.

Please be especially careful after putting on the suit. Some people often take off their jackets and stuff them into their bags as soon as they finish work, but this can lead to creases and make you miserable the next day.

Use the suit hangers mentioned above, and if possible, store them in a closet with deodorizers and dehumidifiers installed. And be sure to take it for cleaning when you don't use it for a long time.

Recently, more and more items can be washed in the washing machine, but it is still safer to take them to a dry cleaner. If you store it properly, you can wear it for many years as long as your body shape does not change, so please give it a try.

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