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Types of sorting cases

When packing a suitcase, it is convenient to use a sorting case. There are various types of sorting cases that are easy to use when traveling. Let's first separate them into hard types and soft types.

The hard type is made of metal or plastic and is characterized by its ability to protect the items inside the case. Placing fragile items in the bag will prevent them from being crushed or damaged by other items.

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On the other hand, the soft type is a soft sorting case made of polyester or cloth, and can also be called a bag. This case is often used for sorting purposes, and is suitable when you want to organize the inside of your suitcase.

Sorting cases can also be divided into types based on the number of storage spaces. The single type has only one storage and is sorted by case. The double type is characterized by having two storage areas in one case.

A highly functional sorting case has many pockets, allowing you to sort many things in one case. There are also sorting cases that are convenient to carry, such as pouch type and bag type, so be sure to compare the differences when choosing.

Select by size

It is important not only to choose the type of sorting case that is easy to use, but also to consider the size. The appropriate size will vary depending on the size of your suitcase and what you want to put in the sorting case.

Basically, the key is to choose a sorting case that will keep the inside of your suitcase organized and eliminate waste. In order to choose the appropriate size sorting case, you need to measure the dimensions of your suitcase.

Ideally, when sorting cases are lined up inside a suitcase, it will fit perfectly and there will be no dead space. For example, when you open your suitcase, if you line up four sorting cases and stack them on two tiers, it will fit perfectly and there will be no waste.

It is also possible to subdivide it even further, such as combining 8 small sorting cases and 4 medium cases to make a perfect fit. Even if there is some dead space, you can still shove things that don't need to be sorted into them.

However, if you want to keep the inside of your suitcase neat and tidy, it is important to prepare a combination of appropriately sized sorting cases. When deciding on the size of the sorting case, consider the internal dimensions of your suitcase and choose one that can be placed firmly.

Things to keep in your sorting case

Luggage placed in a suitcase does not necessarily have to be placed in a sorting case. A smart way to organize items is to separate items that should be kept in a sorting case from items that don't need to be put in them.

Items that are good to keep in a sorting case can be roughly divided into three types.

The first one is fragile. If there is a risk of items being crushed by other items, such as crafts or glassware purchased on a trip, it would be safer to store them in a hard sorting case.

The second thing is easier to understand if it's organized. Typical examples include documents such as passports and household medicines. When packing your family's belongings into a suitcase, it's easier to sort them into separate cases for each individual.

The third item is something that is more convenient if you can take it out quickly while traveling. For example, it might be helpful to keep a bundle of swimsuits and towels for when you arrive at the beach. It's also a smart idea to put the luggage you'll leave in your hotel room directly into your suitcase, and organize the items you'll take with you during your trip in a sorting case.

There is no need to put items that are hard to break and are only used in hotels into the sorting case.


When traveling with a suitcase, it is convenient and comfortable to use a sorting case. Suitcases have the advantage of having ample storage capacity, but they are not designed to allow you to sort the contents in detail.

Just put it in the sorting case and you can easily take out what you need. Hard type sorting cases are perfect for keeping your belongings from getting damaged.

The soft type is suitable for sorting purposes, and some types can also be used as pouches. By thinking about what you'll leave at the hotel and what you'll take with you on sightseeing, you won't have to organize your luggage at your destination.

Sorting cases come in a variety of sizes and number of compartments, so consider what purpose each case will be used for when choosing. It is also important to choose a sorting case that will fit in your suitcase and avoid creating dead space. When choosing a sorting case, measure the size of your suitcase and combine the cases to make sure it fits properly.

You can freely combine the sorting cases, and you can also fill the dead space with items that do not need to be sorted. You can have a comfortable trip by choosing the suitcase according to what you want to put in your suitcase and what you need at your destination.

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