[Danger] Precautions when riding the escalator with a suitcase

Accidents caused by suitcases are surprisingly common! ?

Accidents caused by suitcases occur every day. It's easy to forget when you're carrying around, but a suitcase full of things is heavy and can cause a dangerous impact if bumped into it.

For example, when you put your suitcase down on an escalator, it is dangerous to let go of your hand. Although escalators are safe vehicles, they are not completely vibration-free. Accidents such as suitcases wobbling, falling, accelerating at the height of the escalator, and hitting people below occur frequently.

This is a potentially life-threatening accident. Even if you are not involved in a major accident, you will need to pay compensation if someone is injured. If you damage someone else's property or building rather than a person, you will also be liable for compensation. It's not enough to just bump into something.

Even if you are holding your suitcase firmly, you need to be careful. Suitcases are large, so the handle and the end are far apart. Even if you make a slight movement with your hand, you may end up hitting someone or something.

Using too much force can put a load on the escalator, causing it to stop or even break.

Be careful when handling suitcases in crowds

When carrying your suitcase in a crowded place, try to keep it as close to your body as possible. From a crime prevention perspective, this is necessary to avoid hitting someone.

If there is a gap between you and your suitcase, you and your suitcase will take up a lot of space, and when you try to pull it while walking, you will need more force to compensate for the distance. Centrifugal force is also applied. That force can cause the suitcase to swing around, which could be dangerous if it hits someone. Even if you don't intend to swing it, more force than you expected is being applied to it.

The basic idea is to keep your suitcase close to you and keep it close to you. If you think there will be a lot of people around, hold the handle short and hold it as close to your side as possible, rather than behind you. If you pull it behind you, you won't be able to see the suitcase, which is dangerous.

It's hard to see down in a crowd. Even if you have a large suitcase, if you try to move forward quickly, it will disappear out of sight.

If the person behind you gets hit or tangled with your suitcase, that person is in danger, and you, the person carrying the suitcase, are also in danger.

When using the escalator

When riding an escalator, it seems that whether to put your suitcase in the back or in the front varies depending on the person, and there is no uniform etiquette. There seems to be a tendency for many people to put their luggage in front of them because they want to be able to see their luggage.

To avoid trouble, there is a concept that if the person in front of you placed it in front of you, you should also put it in front of you.

When your luggage is wobbly, the easiest person to stop it is you, the owner of the luggage. If you don't have the confidence to stop the elevator with force, it's a good idea to put it in front of you when going up, and at the back when going down, so that you can support yourself in case it wobbles.

Keep your hand on the handle, and firmly grip the escalator handrail with your other hand. Even if you think you're safe, the weight of your luggage can pull you down and cause you to fall.

Remember that riding an escalator with heavy luggage is much more dangerous than you think. Also, it is not recommended to carry large luggage on escalators in the first place. Avoid using the escalator if you have too much suitcase to carry or if you are not accustomed to handling it.

Even if it takes a bit of a detour, you can still travel safely by using the elevator.

The dangers of traveling are surprisingly familiar.

We explained how to handle suitcases, focusing on escalators.
In summary, a suitcase full of luggage is heavy and dangerous on its own. And depending on how you handle it, it can become even more dangerous. Many accidents have actually happened and it is not an exaggeration.

This may result in an irreversible accident that threatens your life, and you may be required to pay compensation for damages. You may injure yourself. For the sake of others and yourself, be careful when carrying your suitcase.

It is important to keep it as close to you as possible, never let it go, and be able to stop it in case something happens. The more distance you have between yourself and your suitcase, the more dangerous it becomes. Make sure there is no room to swing around.

When carrying your suitcase in a crowd, it becomes difficult for everyone to see your suitcase. Place it next to or in front of you, not behind you, so you can recognize it clearly.

When riding the escalator with your suitcase, please never let go of your suitcase and firmly hold the escalator handrail to ensure your safety. If handling is difficult, consider using an elevator instead of an escalator.

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