[Travel Preparation] Lifespan of suitcase and how to make it last longer

Average age of suitcases

The lifespan of a suitcase varies greatly depending on its type and usage. The average lifespan of a typical suitcase is about 5 years. However, be aware that depending on the material of the suitcase, how often you use it, and how you use it, it may last for more than 10 years, or it may become unusable in less than a year.

Also, since suitcases have casters, deterioration of the casters often becomes a problem and ends their lifespan. The more you run your suitcase, the more the casters will wear out. It is true that if you put heavy items in your suitcase, it will wear out faster. Taking this into consideration and considering the lifespan of a suitcase based on the number of uses, it is said that on average a suitcase will need to be repaired or replaced after about 30 uses.

Caring for the outside of your suitcase

In order to extend the life of your suitcase, it is important to take care of it. The outside of your suitcase is exposed to the outside air and is susceptible to deterioration, so we recommend that you carefully maintain it every time you use it. When you leave your suitcase on a plane trip or business trip, a tag or sticker will be affixed to it. Be sure to peel off the sticker as soon as you're done to avoid causing any stains.

Also, they often get dirty from rain and wind during use. When your suitcase gets wet in the rain, you need to wipe it off immediately to prevent the material from deteriorating. If dirt such as dust is left untreated, it will become difficult to remove, and there is a risk that the components contained in the dirt will cause further deterioration. When it gets dirty, clean it by wiping it with a fine cloth or polishing it with diluted neutral detergent.

It is important to keep the casters of your suitcase clean by removing dirt and mud. After using it, wipe it with a damp cloth and remove any noticeable dirt. Depending on the location and environment in which your suitcase is used, there is a risk that it may have mold-causing substances attached to it. Even if it doesn't look dirty, use a volatile disinfectant spray to prevent mold from growing.

Caring for the inside of your suitcase

If you take good care of the inside of your suitcase, you can extend its lifespan. It's true that the outside of a suitcase deteriorates more easily than the inside, but moisture and mold can often accumulate on the inside. Suitcases are often replaced because mold has grown on them, so be sure to thoroughly care for the inside of your suitcase after each use.

It is most important to keep the inside of your suitcase dry and disinfected. After using your suitcase, thoroughly disinfect it with disinfectant spray. A good idea is to leave the suitcase open for a few days and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated area. Although it depends on the environment, let it dry for about 1 to 3 days, then close the suitcase and store it in a dark place.

It is also important to take out all the contents of your suitcase when you are finished using it. Leaving heavy items inside will put strain on the casters and materials, shortening their lifespan. It is important to empty it, dry it, and store it as is.

Recommended items that last a long time

To maintain your suitcase for a long time, you first need a cloth. Microfiber cloths are easy to remove dirt and rarely scratch the surface. It is also useful to have a cotton swab to clean small areas such as inside the caster wheels.

In order to make your suitcase last longer, it is recommended that you take preventative measures. Using a waterproofing spray is an effective measure to extend the lifespan. Choose a waterproof spray that matches the material of your suitcase and coat it. Not only does it prevent the material from deteriorating when it gets wet in the rain, but it also makes it easier to clean if you spill a drink on your suitcase. Water-repellent coatings are more versatile and will make the material last longer.

A good way to make your casters last longer is to use lube. General grease is suitable as a lubricant for suitcase casters. When the casters start to move poorly, it can often be improved by simply using lubricant. If you continue to use the casters with poor rotation, there is a high risk of them breaking, so take care of them by applying grease as soon as you notice them.

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