[China version] Documents required when leaving/returning to Japan

Things you need before leaving Japan

First, you will need a passport before leaving Japan. To obtain a passport, fill in the required information on the general passport issuance application form, attach the necessary documents to the application, and submit it to the passport application counter in your prefecture. Make sure to prepare with plenty of time.

In addition to your passport, documents to prove your health status are also essential when traveling to China. Please prepare the China Customs Entry/Departure Health Declaration before leaving the country.

First, a PCR test will be conducted within 48 hours of departure time. Once you have the PCR test results, flight information, and contact information (phone number) in China ready, proceed to declaration.

You will be required to apply for a China Customs Entry/Departure Health Declaration on a dedicated website within 24 hours before departure, and fill in your name, passport number, etc. Once the application is completed, you will be notified of a 2D code. You will be asked to present this code upon entry.

Additionally, a visa is currently required to travel to China. There are detailed types of visas for each purpose of travel, and if you are traveling, you will apply for a tourist visa. Of course, don't forget your passport.

What you need to prepare during your stay

Your passport will continue to be important during your stay. If your passport information is incomplete, you will not be able to stay smoothly. Password expiration dates in China are 6 months, same as in Japan, but you don't know when the policy will change, so be sure to check it regularly. In addition, your passport can also be used as an identification document, so you will often present it. Please keep it in a safe place so that you can always access it.

If you want to travel freely within China, you will need a health code for each region of China. This is also an electronic document that you apply for and receive a code, which you present when using public transportation, shopping facilities, and business offices.

You can apply through Wechat or Alipay programs, and you will be asked to register your passport information and travel history.

It is recommended that you also have a credit card with you so that you can pay smoothly at Chinese stores. China supports many card brands, but to be on the safe side, we recommend having at least two types of card brands. Depending on your card, you can get cash at local ATMs. It is a convenient way to easily obtain local currency.

If you have overseas travel insurance, prepare a document that clearly states your membership number and insurance period. If you become injured or sick while traveling, you may be able to receive medical treatment for free.

What you need when entering Japan

There are several documents you will need when entering Japan after returning from China, but most of them will be completed on the plane or at the airport.

Passports are also required when entering the country, and must be handed to the official at immigration. Your passport will check whether you have a visa and its expiry date. If you have returned from China, there will be no problem with visas. There is no need to worry about the expiry date of your passport as it will be checked at the time of departure. Please submit the immigration card you filled out on the plane at the same time as your passport.

Once you pass the immigration inspection, you can collect your luggage. Before you can receive your belongings, you will need to fill out a document called a Declaration of Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Items. This document will be submitted during customs inspection, so be sure to check it carefully to make sure it is filled out. You can also apply electronically if you have a smartphone. Electronic application is easier and faster, so if you have a device connected to the internet, you may want to use it.

A pre-departure test certificate is also required as a countermeasure against the coronavirus. Please prepare a document that proves a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure. If you are unable to prepare one, you will be required to undergo a PCR test onboard the aircraft.

For a fun trip to China

When traveling to China, you will need to submit various documents at the time of entry and exit. There are things you need to prepare in advance, like a passport, and things you have to fill out and create at the plane or airport, like an immigration card, so be sure to check them out.

Please pay close attention to the Chinese Customs Entry/Exit Health Declaration and the health codes for each region of China, as these documents are unique to China. The application itself can be done online, so as long as you know the correct procedure, you can go through the process smoothly. What you need to be careful about is the timing of your application. You need to apply within a limited time, so please don't miss the timing.

A passport is a required document both when entering and exiting the country and during your stay abroad. In order to create a passport, you will need multiple documents including a copy of your family register, and the application process will be time-consuming, so it is best to move early and prepare the various documents. Just to be safe, please reapply with all the documents. Regarding visas, be sure to collect information frequently.

Regarding the latest information

Border measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus are subject to change. Please always check the latest information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the website of the airline you are using.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Click here for overseas safety homepage

Reference:Embassy of Japan in China: New Coronavirus Infection (Required Procedures for Traveling to China) (Updated on January 20th)

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