[Domestic flights] Baggage and souvenirs that can be brought on board the plane

Carry-on requirements for domestic flights

Each airline has its own conditions for carry-on items on domestic flights. The rules and conditions regarding the number of items that cannot be carried on board are almost the same, but the weight and size of baggage differs depending on the airline.

The basic number of items you can bring with you is ``one personal item and one baggage, up to two total''.
Handbags, cameras, umbrellas, and other items that can be stored under the seat tend to be considered personal items, while carry-on cases, souvenirs purchased at the airport, and shopping bags are considered hand luggage. However, since there are no clear boundaries for each type of travel, it is common practice to only bring a maximum of two bags or personal items onto the plane.

Regarding the weight of carry-on baggage, the total weight of the two pieces of luggage is less than 10 kg for JAL and ANA, and less than 7 kg for Jetstar and Peach Airlines. Weight may be increased for an additional fee.

Items that cannot be brought on board

Items that cannot be carried on board domestic flights include items that can be used as weapons or items that are highly dangerous.

Scissors, cutters, ice picks, darts, tools (drivers, drills, spanners, wrenches, etc.), bats, golf clubs, wooden swords, fishing rods, etc. are also prohibited from being carried on board due to the risk of them becoming deadly weapons.

Additionally, flammable liquids such as spray cans (excluding cosmetics and clothing), poisonous pesticides, fireworks and crackers, and paint are prohibited both on board and in checked baggage.

Baggage you need to be careful about

When bringing items on board, be sure to check as there are items that are difficult to determine whether they can be brought on board, and items that you must be careful about how to manage when you bring them on board.

There are strict restrictions on the carry-on of liquids on international flights, but on domestic flights, you can bring liquids as long as they are not dangerous. You can also bring in plastic bottled drinks and cosmetics. Additionally, alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 70% or less can be brought into the country, but alcoholic beverages with alcohol content over 24% are limited to 5 liters per person. Please note that if you bring three 1-sho bottles of high-strength shochu or awamori, you will be subject to restrictions.

The rule is that seafood, pickles, and other items that are at risk of leaking water should be placed at the feet of the passenger, rather than in the storage shelves. Do not put liquid items in the items you put in the storage shelves, as this can cause problems if water leaks and stains other items.

However, the above is just a general example, and airlines and airports may have detailed regulations regarding items that can be brought on board. Additionally, if your bag is discovered during a security check or the airline company decides, your bag may be confiscated or returned, so it is important to check this in advance.

Extra Edition: Points to note when flying with your pet

Pets are generally allowed on planes in some cases. However, depending on the airline or country, there may be restrictions on the type and size of pets, the times when they can board, the number of flights they can board, etc. Additionally, certain procedures and documentation may be required when bringing your pet on board.

Depending on the issues and regulations listed below, your pet may not be able to fly on a plane.

Health issues: Pets may not be able to cope with the high pressure and temperature changes inside an airplane. Psychological problems such as stress and anxiety may also occur.

Safety Issues: Pets may become unruly during the flight, escape, or attack other passengers or staff. Small pets may also use the toilet, which can create hygiene issues.

Airline regulations: Depending on the airline, there may be restrictions on the type and size of pets, the times when they can fly, and the number of flights they can board. Additionally, certain procedures and documentation may be required when bringing your pet on board.

International animal protection laws: International animal protection laws include provisions to ensure that pets are treated appropriately on aircraft. These regulations are in place to protect the health and welfare of your pet.

Some airlines and countries may allow pets on board under certain conditions. When traveling with your pet, it is important to check the airline's regulations and take the necessary steps in advance.

For safe air travel

All airlines have the same rule that no more than 2 pieces of carry-on baggage are allowed on domestic flights, but please note that the weight and size vary depending on the airline.

Additionally, items that could be used as weapons are prohibited from being brought into the venue. If you bring it with you, please note that it must be destroyed on the spot. If you are unsure, be sure to check with the airline in advance.

Unlike international flights, you can bring liquids with you on domestic flights, but as a general rule, you cannot keep them in the overhead bins. There are some detailed rules like this, so be careful when packing your belongings.

Before traveling, be sure to check the rules of each airline and check what you can and cannot bring on board, size, etc.

Also, there will be no problem in deciding what can and cannot be carried on board domestic flights as long as you follow the rules published by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. If you are unsure whether it is safe to bring items on board, check the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's guidelines .

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