[Business trip] How to prevent shoes from losing their shape in a suitcase

How to put leather shoes in your suitcase

If you want to carry your leather shoes in a suitcase, use a shoe case. If you put it in as is, it may stain your suitcase and other items you put in it. Even if you remove dirt, the oil that is unique to leather shoes may stick to the surrounding area, so this is not recommended.

On the other hand, your leather shoes may rub against your suitcase and get damaged.
By putting them in a shoe case, you don't have to worry about getting them dirty, and you can also prevent your shoes from losing their shape or getting damaged. Don't miss the benefit of making it easier to put your shoes in and take them out.

There are several types of shoe cases, but the packable type is recommended. When not in use, it can be folded down to a small size so it does not take up much space. When traveling or on a business trip, you may have more luggage, so it would be helpful to have a space-saving shoe case.

Also, consider the material of the shoe case. A lightweight, abrasion-resistant material like paraglider cloth is best.

If you are storing your shoes in a suitcase, please stuff them inside the shoes so that they do not lose their shape before placing them in the shoe case. Place it at the top of your suitcase. If you are not sure which side should go on top, try placing it on the opposite side from the heavy item.

Recommended items that are convenient for business trips: Plastic shoe trees

A shoe tree (shoe keeper) is an essential item for shoe maintenance. Shoe trees, which are made of wood and look like Pinocchio's feet, not only effectively prevent shoes from losing their shape, but also help disinfect and deodorize.

The reason why I use a shoe tree to store my shoes when I am on a business trip for a limited period of time is to prevent them from losing their shape due to pressure when carrying them around. If you just put crumpled paper inside your shoes, the shoes will twist when pressure is applied continuously. A sturdy wooden shoe tree can maintain its shape even when subjected to strong pressure from its surroundings, so you don't have to worry about it losing its shape.

Furthermore, by creating space inside the shoe, it prevents moisture from accumulating inside the shoe. You won't feel uncomfortable even if you take your shoes out of your suitcase and put them on right away.

What I'm concerned about is the weight. There is no size, but since it is made of wood, one side alone weighs about 400g. One set may weigh over 800g.

You will have to carry a suitcase with you on a business trip, so heavy items are strictly prohibited. Therefore, use shoe trees made of plastic, which are much lighter than wooden ones. One set weighs only about 100g. Of course, there is no big difference in functionality.

What to do when you arrive at your accommodation

When you arrive at your travel destination or business trip accommodation, remove your leather shoes from your suitcase and carefully check their condition. Even if you keep your shoes in a shoe case, depending on the material used for the case, there may be dust and fibers attached to them.

When dust and fibers absorb oil from shoes, they become more prone to drying out, which can lead to deterioration of the material, such as wrinkles and uneven coloring, which can be dangerous.
Just to be safe, brush your shoes with a brush made for leather shoes and polish them with a glove cloth.

Glove-type glove cloths do not stain your hands with oil, so you can maintain them even during a short time while on a business trip. Horsehair brushes are recommended because they often contain natural oils such as camellia oil and natural beeswax.

If you have time, apply shoe cream. Creams that also have dirt removal functions will give you a better finish.

Finally, use the glove cloth again to carefully polish. Shoe maintenance is now complete. It's a good idea to rest your shoes in a well-ventilated area. If you want to be on the safe side, use shoe trees.

We recommend that you quickly complete a series of maintenance tasks before you take a break at your accommodation.

To always travel with clean shoes

When I go on a business trip, I tend to carry leather shoes with me. Because of the longer journeys, you'll want to choose walking shoes when you're on the move, instead of business leather shoes that aren't necessarily optimized for walking.

However, if you carry leather shoes in your suitcase, they will lose their shape more easily than you think. Especially when traveling by plane, you don't know how your baggage will be handled by the airline, so it's not uncommon to open your suitcase and find your leather shoes are torn.

To deal with these kinds of troubles, you need to take thorough measures using shoe cases and shoe trees. Shoe trees are extremely effective in preventing the suit from losing its shape, so if you have a lot of luggage to carry in your suit, please consider it. It would be best to have a shoe case that allows you to store left and right shoes separately.

If you put them together, they may rub inside and cause scratches. To avoid adding extra work while on a business trip, choose shoe cases for the left and right sides that are made of a material that is resistant to abrasion.

The main maintenance for your leather shoes after you arrive at your accommodation is to remove any dirt that may have accumulated during storage. At least do some basic cleaning using a glove cloth and brush.

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