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Tips for packing your suitcase on the last day of your trip

Packing for the trip is of course difficult, but I think it's packing for the trip home that causes some problems. Clothes can be carried around fairly thinly, especially if you put some effort into packing them into compression packs, fastening them, and sorting them properly.

However, once I open the pack on a trip and put the sleeves through it, no matter what I do, it ends up being more voluminous than when I first packed it for the trip, and I can't seem to close the trunk lid! This may also be the case.

Of course, you will probably do some shopping and buy souvenirs during your trip, so it is wise to give up on returning your luggage in the same form as you left and instead consider a flexible type of storage from the beginning.

We recommend a foldable, large-capacity sub-bag. It is preferable to use a material that has a large area when unfolded and is made of a material that does not mind getting wet.

Another item I would like to recommend is furoshiki. It's useful not only for storage, but also as a cover for things you don't want to see when the trunk is opened, and since it's not shaped like a bag, it has the advantage of being able to wrap and carry just about anything.

How to make unpacking easier when you get home

By taking advantage of the free time during your trip to organize the contents of your suitcase, you can reduce your physical and psychological burden afterwards.

For example, put your underwear and laundry in a laundry net after use. When you get home, you can take it out of the trunk and put it straight into the washing machine with the net intact. Also, if you have a laundry net with you, you won't have any trouble washing your clothes in case of an emergency.

Also, if you have multiple items, it is recommended to keep used items and clean, unused items separate, as it is more hygienic and less bulky.

It is also important to leave some space

The reason why people who are used to traveling don't waste their time when packing is because they have experienced packing for trips and made many mistakes, so they can accurately judge what they really need (or don't need) for their next trip. You'll be able to do it instantly.

After returning from a trip, you can prepare for your next trip by putting all the things that were inconvenient and inconvenient that you didn't have on this trip into your suitcase.

When I think of ``unpacking for this trip,'' I feel sad that the trip is over, but when I think of it as the beginning of ``packing for the next trip,'' unpacking becomes fun. That's probably true.

Things you can do now for your next trip

Slimming down your luggage is a fairly important theme when traveling, and you often see it featured in magazines.

Rather than finally arriving home in a state of disarray and having to deal with the rather tedious work of unpacking my messed up luggage, I felt great and was filled with hopes and ideals for my next trip. Isn't that the end of a good trip?

When storing laundry and other everyday items, it may be a good idea to get into the habit of thinking, ``What should I do if this is preparation for a trip?What's the best way to pack it?''

The burden of unpacking can be reduced by making small changes while traveling and by being mindful in everyday life. Finish your trip with some energy left and use that extra effort to enjoy when you start your next trip!

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