[Airlines/Airplanes] What is the difference between LCC, MCC, and FSC?

What is LCC? Explaining the advantages and disadvantages

LCC is an abbreviation for Low Cost Carrier, which means "low-cost airline" in Japanese. If I were to describe the characteristics of this carrier in one word, I would say that the service is simple and cheap.

Examples include Peach, Vanilla Air, and Jetstar. Have you ever seen a relatively small aircraft with a pop of color when you go to an airport? LCC has the following characteristics, and it will be easier to understand if you imagine that it is basically "small" in terms of aircraft, service, seats, and price.


  • ・It's cheap anyway
  • ・You can save money because there are no extra services
  • ・You can buy cheap one-way tickets

  • ・In-flight meals and drinks are charged
  • ・There are restrictions on luggage. Or there is a fee

  • ・The check-in counter and boarding gate at the airport are far away
  • ・The seat is narrow
  • ・Seat reservation is charged
  • ・Cancellation fee is high or cancellation is not possible

  • Please consider and use it when you want to travel to many places and want to keep your travel costs down.

    What is MCC? Explaining the advantages and disadvantages

    MCC is an abbreviation for Middle Cost Carrier (Middle Cost Cattier), and is also called a "mid-sized airline" in Japanese. Examples include Star Flyer, Skymark, Solaseed Air, and Airdo.

    As the name suggests, it is located right between LCC and FSC, which will open later, and the service and price are somewhere between the two, giving the impression that it has the best of both worlds. It is sometimes called the "third airline".


    • ・Cheaper than SFC
    • ・Early bird discount available
    • ・On most routes, you can carry the same amount of baggage as FSC.
    • ・Free seat selection on most routes
    • ・For routes jointly operated with FSC, you can book the exact same service at a cheaper price from the MCC site.
    • - Comfortable seat

    • ・Drinks may be free or charged.
    • ・I don't know exactly how much it's worth

    I want to travel with a moderate premium feel while saving money, I want to travel long distances, and I want to travel with peace of mind even if something happens by combining it with FSC. This is the airline that can help you in such situations. The most recommended thing for MCC is to book jointly operated flights with FSC from the MCC website.

    What is FSC? Explaining the advantages and disadvantages

    FSC stands for Full Service Carrier, also known as Legacy Carrier. This includes JAL and ANA.


    • - Plenty of in-flight meals and drinks. Of course it's free
    • ・Responsive even in emergencies. In the event of a canceled or delayed flight, our partner companies will even arrange for a second flight or hotel.
    • - Handling procedures such as cancellations and changes
    • ・I have high expectations and the seat is comfortable.

  • ・You can check more baggage for free than with LCC.
  • - Plenty of in-flight entertainment such as movies and music
  • ・There are many airlines where you can earn miles.
  • ・Highly convenient with many flight destinations
  • ・There is a lounge

  • Demerit
    • ·Price is high
    • ・There are some services that you don't actually need.
    • ・Due to the large size of the aircraft, it takes time to get on and off the aircraft.

    When it comes to FSC, its trustworthiness stands out. For those who have a lot of baggage on a long-distance flight, want to be as relaxed as possible on the plane, want to be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as cancellations and delays, and want to accumulate miles, and for those who prioritize peace of mind, we recommend high-quality products. We recommend FSC.

    Choose according to your travel style

    To put it simply, when it comes to traveling by plane, there are three main options: LCC, MCC, and FSC, and we introduced the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    And when you say, " Safety is our top priority! It's a long-distance flight, so it's important to have a solid warranty! I want high-quality service."

    In this way, it is a good idea to make your selection based on what you want to prioritize in your own journey. No matter which airline you choose, it is important to read the reservation site thoroughly from cover to cover.

    Traveling is a place where you can have special experiences that you can't have in everyday life. I hope this article helps you choose your flight wisely depending on your destination and purpose and create many wonderful memories. May you have many wonderful trips.

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