[Travelling alone] Things to be careful about when moving suitcases

Choosing a suitcase is important when traveling alone

The solo trip I was looking forward to. While traveling alone allows you to travel at your own pace without hesitation, it can also be a bit of a hassle. I often hear people complaining about having to carry large suitcases with them all the time.

When traveling alone, you can't ask someone to watch your suitcase when you need to go to the bathroom or enter a small store. However, no matter how safe the city is, it would be too unsettling to leave it in an airport lobby or on the road where many people go.

First of all, let's know the points to consider when choosing a suitcase when traveling alone.

If you choose a hard case type, choose one that is lightweight. When traveling alone, you will be responsible for all luggage management. If you are in a place where there are only stairs, you may have to carry your luggage, so it is essential that you are able to lift your luggage yourself.

You also need to be careful about the weight when carrying it on a plane overseas. If you exceed the amount, you will be charged an additional fee, so it is best to keep your suitcase as light as possible.

A smaller soft case type is recommended for people who don't have much luggage or for solo domestic travelers. If it's a carry-on size, you won't have to check your luggage at the airport, making it even easier to travel.

Be careful about suitcase theft

When leaving your suitcase, you need to be careful about theft. You also need to choose a reliable airline, especially when traveling abroad. Be aware of other anti-theft measures you can take.

First of all, when it comes to suitcases, avoid branded ones and choose something as simple as possible. If you stand out, you will be more likely to be targeted, and you can prevent theft from targeting your suitcase itself. For the same reason, avoid locks that look too secure, as this suggests there are valuables inside.

It depends on your destination, but if you're going to the United States, it's recommended that you get one with a TAS lock, as there will be indiscriminate bag checks at the airport. If you use a type of lock that is not a TAS lock, there is the worst possibility that the key will be broken during baggage check, so please be careful if you want to leave your luggage locked.

When traveling alone, you need to be more careful about managing your luggage than when traveling with multiple people, so it's important to keep all large luggage other than valuables in one place for easier management.

If you give the impression that you are not used to traveling, you will be more likely to be targeted, so it is a good idea to try to be as relaxed and calm as possible when traveling.

What do you do with your suitcase when you need to go to the bathroom?

In addition to leaving it in a locker, we would also like you to put it in a private room that is too small to carry.
One of the troubles when traveling alone is when you need to go to the bathroom. Large suitcases cannot be brought into the small restrooms, and it can be difficult to leave them in a locker during a trip to the restroom.

Nowadays, due to security concerns, unidentified baggage cannot be left unattended at the airport, as it may be handed over to security guards. If you are in Japan, you can leave your luggage with a store clerk, but overseas you should not leave your luggage with anyone other than someone you feel safe with, such as hotel or airport staff.

For people who often travel alone overseas, we recommend a suitcase with a thin wire attached to the lock. This wire is connected to a combination lock, so you can connect it to a sturdy object such as an airport chair or railway railing and leave. You can also use something like a bicycle lock chain.

Of course, if you have a certain amount of tools, you can get cut, so please keep valuables on you and only use them for a minimum amount of time.

When traveling alone, it's difficult to leave your luggage behind, so know where the restrooms are when you plan your schedule, and try to use the restrooms early at a place where you can safely leave your luggage, such as a restaurant or shopping mall. Let's leave it.

Traveling alone is free, but it also comes with risks.

A solo trip where you can enjoy traveling at your own pace.
Since you are alone and have no one to rely on, you want to travel as safely as possible. If you keep in mind the points you need to be aware of, you should be able to enjoy a comfortable trip without any trouble.
However, it is also important to be mentally prepared to ask for help from those around you when you are in trouble.

Especially for women traveling alone, it is safer to be extra careful when it comes to security. If you know you are traveling alone, you will be more likely to be targeted by theft, so if you are not used to it, you can reduce the risk of theft by choosing a destination where there are many tours and group tourists rather than a place with fewer people. Avoid walking at times when there are not many people on the streets, such as at night.

When abroad, it is best to avoid wearing flashy clothing and try to wear clothing and belongings that suit the lifestyle of the people living there. Your anxiety will be conveyed to the other person, so it is important to enjoy your trip in a relaxed manner.

The best thing is to avoid theft, but in case the worst happens, always keep your valuables with you and do not put them in large suitcases.

Please choose a suitcase that matches your destination and travel style and enjoy a comfortable solo trip.

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