[Suitcase] Introduction to how to choose and types of locks

Type of lock

Locks are provided for suitcases. If you leave your suitcase at the airport, there is a risk that it will be stolen by someone else when you collect it at baggage claim. Also, if you leave your suitcase at a hotel or use a suitcase storage area on a train, there is a possibility that someone with malicious intent may open your suitcase and try to steal it. As a countermeasure, suitcases are generally designed to be locked. Even if it is not standard equipment, it can be installed externally.

The three most common types of suitcase locks are dial locks, key locks, and hybrid locks. In recent years, there are also card-lock suitcases. In the past, magnetic lock types were often used, but these products are becoming less and less available. Dial lock and key lock types are often used externally. You can attach as many external locks as you like, so if you're concerned about security, it's a good idea to have one. You can even add a lock to your suitcase, which comes standard with a lock.

Here we will explain in detail the specifications and features of the three types that are currently often installed in suitcases.

dial lock type

Dial locks are equipped with a dial that shows several digits, and the lock is released when a specific number sequence is reached. Dial locks on suitcases are often unlocked using a combination of 3 digits, but some products have 4 digits. There are two types of dial lock PIN codes: those that can be set freely and those that are predetermined.

Suitcases equipped with dial locks include types that lock the zipper and types that are built into the frame. There is an undeniable risk that the zipper handle that only locks can be opened by cutting the metal. However, the built-in type is characterized by high security because it is difficult to break just the lock.

The dial lock type has the advantage of not having to carry a key, unlike the key lock type described below. However, the disadvantage is that if you forget your PIN, you will not be able to open it. Also, there is a risk that the numbers will be matched haphazardly and the card will be opened. The charm of the dial lock type is that it is easy to use, but if there is something inside that is difficult to open, it is better to use a different method.

key lock type

A key lock is a type of lock that can be locked or unlocked by inserting a key or by inserting and turning the key. The card lock mentioned above is also a key lock type in a broad sense. Cylinder lock suitcases have been used for a long time, and can be opened simply by inserting a key and turning.

However, if the door is a key lock type, you will not be able to open it if you lose the key. Spare keys are often included, but if you lose both, you will not be able to open the door and will have no choice but to break the key or ask the manufacturer to take care of it. This is a suitcase where key management is important. Like the dial lock type, the key lock type comes in two types: one that locks the fastener metal fittings and the other that locks the main body. For security, locking the main body is better than locking the metal fittings.

In the case of a key lock type, unlike a dial lock type, you cannot open it by fiddling with the numbers at random. However, if you are experienced with picking, you may be able to open it. Be careful with regular cylinder keys as there is a risk of them being picked. However, if you use a card key, it cannot be picked, so it can be said to be highly secure.

Hybrid type

A hybrid type is a lock that incorporates both a dial lock type and a key lock type lock. Specifications vary depending on the product, but a typical hybrid type can be unlocked using either a dial or a key. In other words, when locking, you can move the dial or insert the key and turn it. There are two ways to unlock the door: one is to turn the dial, and the other is to insert the key and turn it.

It's easy to lock and unlock if you have the key, but even if you lose the key, you can still lock and unlock if you remember the PIN number. Even if you forget your PIN, you can open it with the key. Therefore, the hybrid type is designed to reduce the risk of being unable to open the dial lock type and key lock type.

However, even if you guess the PIN number or the key is stolen, there is a risk that the door could be opened. Although it is a little less secure, this lock is suitable for people who are concerned about remembering PIN numbers and managing keys. In addition, security can be improved by attaching an external key lock to the dial lock type and making it so that it cannot be opened unless both are released.

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