[Travel Preparation] Convenient ways to pack a suitcase/packing techniques

Change where things are packed depending on their weight

You can make your suitcase easier to carry by changing the place you pack it depending on the weight of your luggage. First, let's divide the suitcase into four parts. The side with a handle is the ``bottom side,'' and the side without is the ``lid side.'' Also, the side with casters is the ``bottom'' and the opposite side is the ``top.'' It is now divided into four sections: ``top of the lid,'' ``bottom of the lid,'' ``top of the bottom,'' and ``bottom of the bottom.''

Place the lightest item on top of the lid. Luggage in this area is unstable and tends to move toward the bottom. Light clothing such as shirts and underwear is best. Place the second lightest item above the bottom. Although it is stable because it is close to the handle, it may still succumb to the gravitational force and shift toward the bottom. Slightly heavier clothing such as sweaters and accessories such as mufflers are suitable.

The second heaviest item is placed under the lid, the heaviest item is placed under the bottom side, which is the most stable area, and the weight of other items is placed under the bottom side. Avoid items that easily lose their shape as they cost the most.

Recommended storage methods for liquids

When carrying liquids in your suitcase, you have to worry about the liquid leaking. To prevent liquid from leaking while transporting, you need to be careful about how you store it.

The most important thing to do is to not put liquids in a suitcase, but instead to put them in a plastic bag or ziplock bag before packing. By putting it in a plastic bag or ziplock bag, even if it leaks, it won't contaminate other items. It's a good idea to double bag just to be safe.

Also, wrap easily breakable bottles in cushioning material or towels to protect them from shock during transportation.

Pump-type products must be secured with duct tape or hair ties to prevent the pump from moving. It is safe if you have the stopper that came with it when you purchased it.
If the lid is easily opened due to a shock, such as a tube, it is necessary to use tape to prevent the lid from opening.

Also, even if liquids are packed in this way, they should not be placed in empty suitcases. When packing, surround the items with clothes, towels, etc., and pack as much space as possible. This will prevent container damage and liquid leakage due to impact.

Recommended ways to store clothes

What is the best way to pack clothes that tend to be bulky into a suitcase? If your clothes don't wrinkle easily and you don't mind them getting wrinkled, we recommend rolling them up. Rolled clothes are not only compact and easy to take out, but they can also be used as cushioning material for items that break easily.

For clothing that wrinkles easily, such as jackets, the "layering" method is best because it prevents wrinkles. This method involves stacking clothes one after another on the bottom of the suitcase and folding them towards the center. It is a good idea to place small items in the center as a core. Since it can be packed to the exact size of your suitcase, you can carry it around without creating unnecessary wrinkles.

If you have too many clothes to fit in your suitcase, you can use compression bags to store bulky clothes more compactly. However, compressed clothes tend to wrinkle easily, so they are not suitable for things like dress shirts.

Also, if you use a laundry net for the bags you put your underwear in, you can conveniently put them in the washing machine after you get back from a trip. Water may get into your suitcase from outside due to rain. We recommend putting your precious clothes in a plastic bag.

How to safely pack fragile items

Many people have the experience of accidentally breaking souvenirs when taking them home from a trip. What precautions should I take when carrying fragile items such as alcohol bottles and tableware in my suitcase?

First of all, it is important to carefully pack fragile items. Prepare a cushioning material such as bubble wrap, wrap it around three times or more and secure with tape to prevent it from shifting. Furthermore, after wrapping the cushioning material in a towel and securing it with a rubber band, place it in a plastic bag to prevent leaks in case it breaks.
If you have a box, fill the gaps with newspaper, etc. after putting it in the box, and then packing it in your suitcase to make it even more difficult to break.

When packing fragile items, it is most important to securely secure the contents of the suitcase so that they do not move. Pack fragile items as tightly as possible, sandwiching towels, clothes, etc., so that they are not next to each other.

The recommended place to put fragile items in your suitcase is in the bottom center of the suitcase. The bottom side is highly stable, but if you put it on top, it will easily shift, and if you put it on bottom, it will be easily broken by the impact of the casters. Make sure to store breakable items in a suitcase so that they can be carried safely.

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