[By location] Recommended storage methods for suitcases

closet or closet

Closets and closets with ample space are recommended for storing suitcases as they are protected from direct sunlight. If you use a suitcase often, storing it vertically with the casters facing down will allow you to easily take it out and prepare for your trip.

Also, if you don't travel often, you can keep your closet tidy by storing out-of-season clothes and accessories in your suitcase. It's also great that when the seasons change, you can change your clothes by simply changing out the contents of your suitcase and your closet.

One thing to keep in mind is that suitcases are heavy, so when storing them in a closet, do not place them on the bottom shelf or they may be dangerous in the event of an earthquake. If it is unavoidable to place it on the top shelf, you need to take safety into account by emptying it inside, laying the casters on its side, and storing it towards the back.

Also, when storing it for a long time, it is better to cover it with a rug or cover to prevent caster marks. When storing items for a long period of time, it is necessary to regularly open the door to ventilate the items and take measures against humidity. We recommend keeping a desiccant in your suitcase or in your closet or closet.

shoe cloakroom

The casters of suitcases used outside are difficult to remove, so even if you disinfect them, many people may not want to bring them into the house. For such people, we recommend storing them in a shoe cloakroom.

There is no need to disinfect the casters or cover them every time, so it is especially recommended for people who often use suitcases. If you don't have enough space in your shoe closet to fit your suitcase, you may be able to fit your suitcase perfectly by removing or adjusting the shelves.

On the other hand, people who rarely use suitcases may find it difficult to take out their shoes. If you don't use your suitcase often, you can use it as an evacuation backpack by storing emergency supplies and other items inside, making effective use of space.

If you are storing your suitcase in the shoe closet, it is more efficient to unpack it at the entrance when you return from a trip and then store it there.It is also a good idea to quickly clean up after your trip, which tends to be postponed. Shoe cloakrooms also tend to have high humidity and mold can grow, so be sure to use dehumidifiers and ventilate the space appropriately during the rainy season.

under the bed or sofa

If you don't have a large storage space, such as when you live alone, we recommend storing your suitcase under your bed or sofa. The advantage is that it is a dead space that is not usually used, so it is less likely to get in the way. If you rarely use your suitcase, storing out-of-season clothes and bedding will save you money.

However, dust can easily accumulate under the bed or sofa, so you will need to take out your suitcase and clean it regularly. Also, since moisture tends to accumulate, you should always carry a desiccant or dehumidifier in your suitcase.

If you don't feel comfortable storing your dirty suitcase under your bed or sofa, it's a good idea to put it in a bag or cover. In that case, you need to choose one with good ventilation to avoid causing mold. If you choose one specifically designed for suitcases, you can rest assured that it has good ventilation and is easy to store.

If you don't use your suitcase regularly, you tend to store it in the back, but considering that you need to clean it often, it's a good idea to store it in the front where it's easy to access.

Trunk room/rental box

If you don't have a place to store your suitcase at home, if you have to store it in a large suitcase, or if you have multiple suitcases, you can use a trunk room or rental box. You can store not only your suitcase but also other items at home, which is convenient for people who have trouble with having too many things. Also, if the trunk room is air-conditioned, it is difficult for mold to grow.

The disadvantages are that it costs money and takes a long time to retrieve depending on the location. It depends on the location and equipment, but storage rooms and rental boxes usually cost around 2,000 yen per month. Things in urban areas tend to be more expensive, while things in the suburbs tend to be cheaper.

If your storage room or rental box is located far from your home, it may take time to retrieve it by car or other means. Some people may find it inconvenient when they suddenly need a suitcase, such as when they suddenly have to go on a business trip.

Also, if you are storing your luggage in a storage room or rental box that is not fully air-conditioned, you need to be careful about humidity, just as you would when storing it at home.
Place a dehumidifier in your room or a desiccant in your suitcase.

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