[America] Documents required when leaving/returning to Japan

What you need when leaving Japan

Many people probably have the opportunity to visit the United States for work or travel. However, in recent years, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the documents required for entering and exiting the country have become more complex, so it is important to check in advance.

Other than passports and tickets, the other document you need to prepare before leaving Japan is ESTA. ESTA is an electronic travel authorization system that can only be used for general trips to the United States or business trips for less than 90 days. Please note that you will need to obtain a visa if you are planning a long-term trip of 90 days or more, a business trip, studying abroad, or working abroad.

Apply for ESTA online at least 72 hours before departure. Passport, credit card and email address are required.

The next thing you will need is a vaccination certificate issued by a public institution, an oath and information form designated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Based on American law, an oath is something that you sign to show that there are no mistakes in the contents of your new coronavirus negative certificate, etc. You will be asked to present it at check-in, so be sure to print it out in advance and fill it out by your departure date.

The information form is for you to fill in your accommodation and phone number while staying in the United States. The format varies depending on each airline.

*This information is as of January 28, 2023.

What you need to prepare during your stay

As of January 2023, those who hold a valid vaccination certificate do not need to submit a test certificate. Please note that if you do not meet the vaccination requirements, you will still be required to present a test certificate.

Additionally, in order to undergo the fast track (quarantine procedures) upon entry, you will need to register in advance through Visit Japan Web . It is possible to go through the immigration procedures without using it, but if you do not use it, you will have to check documents such as certificates at the airport upon arrival, so the quarantine procedure may take a long time.

Create a Visit Japan Web account while you are in the United States.
In order to complete the screening process before entering the country, you must apply at least 6 hours before your flight's scheduled arrival date.

If you do not have a vaccination certificate recognized by the Japanese government, you will need to go to a PCR testing site to have a test certificate issued. A test certificate issued within 72 hours before departure is required, so be sure to check the time required for the test and prepare well in advance.

What you need when entering Japan

Let's check what you need when returning to or entering Japan from the United States.
First, you need a plane ticket and a valid passport. The names on the ticket and passport must match. If your passport expires while you are in the United States, you can apply for a replacement passport at the Japanese embassy or consulate, so please consult with them.

Next, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, you will be required to present a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result approved by the Japanese government when entering Japan. Please note that three vaccinations are required.

If you have registered in advance through Visit Japan Web, you can complete the procedure by simply showing your smartphone screen. If you do not use Visit Japan Web for reasons such as not having a smartphone, please note that you will need to print out the questionnaire from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's website, complete the questionnaire, and present it.

PCR test certificates must be submitted within 72 hours before departure, but if the flight you are scheduled to board is delayed, etc., and the departure time exceeds 72 hours from the date and time of specimen collection, it can be reissued if it is within 24 hours. No need to obtain

To go to America with peace of mind

We explained the documents required to enter the United States and the documents and procedures required to return to Japan.
Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, various documents are now required to enter the United States and return to Japan, in addition to the previously required passports, airline tickets, ESTA, and visas.

It will take at least one week to apply for a passport. Please note that you must apply for ESTA online at least 72 hours before departure.
Additionally, you will need to apply for a vaccination certificate in advance to your local government, so if you are planning to travel not only to the United States but also overseas in the future, it is a good idea to start preparing early.

By using Fast Track with Visit Japan Web, you can now smoothly complete the procedures when entering Japan by simply showing the screen on your smartphone. However, advance registration is required, so it is important to prepare thoroughly during your stay in the United States.

Regarding the latest information

Border measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus are subject to change. Please always check the latest information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the website of the airline you are using.

Click here for vaccination certificate (English)

Click here for information on ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)

Reference: ANA Regarding immigration restrictions in Japan and the United States

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