[Travel Preparation] Useful items for trips of 3 nights or more

sub shoes

If your trip is going to be long, consider getting an extra pair of shoes to replace the shoes you're already wearing. Reasons include desire, comfort, and dress code.

First of all, when I stay for a long time, I get a genuine desire to wear different shoes.
A second pair of secondary shoes is important for those who want to wear different shoes. Of course, there is also the purpose of resting your shoes.

Next is comfort. Wearing the same shoes can make you feel uncomfortable if you stay for consecutive nights. If you wear the same shoes on the bus, train, or at a tourist spot, you may gradually get stuffy and uncomfortable.

Last is the dress code. It is not uncommon for the main dining area of ​​a travel destination to have a dress code. It is useful to have sub-shoes to accommodate such dress codes. Depending on your purpose, you may want to bring an extra pair of sneakers, slip-ons, or loafers.

Also, when changing shoes, the shoes you're wearing are often dirty, so it's a good idea to have a bag ready.

relaxing goods

If you are staying for several nights, relaxing goods can also be very helpful. Specifically, these items include travel pillows, mobile chargers/batteries, and portable humidifiers.

Travel pillows are useful not only on airplanes, but also on buses and while taking a short break. Also, if you have trouble sleeping in different environments or with different pillows, using a travel pillow and using the same pillow for three or more nights will help relieve fatigue.

A mobile charger/battery that combines a USB charger and a mobile battery in one is also convenient. Electricity is needed no matter where you are, so having this will make you comfortable without having to worry about the location of an outlet or the battery level of your smartphone.

A portable humidifier is also a good idea. It is common for Japanese hotels to rent out humidifiers, but this is a rare service overseas. Especially since you may not be able to borrow anything other than the things in your room.

Also, if you have an aroma diffuser that heats with a USB, you won't be bothered by the scents of foreign or unfamiliar places, and if you have a portable speaker, you can relax with music.


You might think that an umbrella would be fine, but if you are staying for several nights, we recommend a raincoat. Umbrellas are surprisingly bulky, but raincoats don't have that disadvantage.

Also, it may rain more heavily where you live than where you usually live, so it's a good idea to bring some with you. It can also be used to protect you from the cold, so be sure to prepare it if you are staying for several nights.

It is also a useful travel item to bring when enjoying attractions that involve heavy splashing. When choosing, it may be helpful to consider items that dry easily and items that are easy to fold.

If you have a raincoat, your clothes won't get wet or dirty from rainwater, so you won't have to wash your clothes at your destination.

Sanitary items

If you are staying for more than 3 nights, you will definitely want to bring sanitary products with you. I don't know when to use it, even if I'm not on my period. Also, there is no guarantee that the sanitary products you normally use will always be available even when you are traveling.

Also, when traveling abroad, there are many cases where the place you are staying does not have a sanitary box, so it may be a good idea to prepare a bag just in case.

If the place you are staying does not have a sanitary waste bin, wrapping used sanitary products in toilet paper, putting them in a bag and tying it tightly will prevent odors from becoming a problem at your place.

If you are staying for more than 3 nights, it is very important to be prepared to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

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