If you know this much, you'll be fine, useful English when you encounter lost baggage

When you encounter lost baggage

Lost baggage is when your checked baggage is lost at the airport. This is said to be especially common with foreign airlines, and you may find yourself arriving at your destination airport and wondering if your baggage hasn't arrived, only to find out it's lost baggage.

Even if I waited until the end, I couldn't find my baggage, so I thought it was lost baggage. If you think this is the case, please ask a staff member nearby.

If you cannot find a staff member, go to the lost baggage counter and contact the airline you used. In that case, it would be a good idea to say something like "My baggage is missing."

Then, show the baggage deposit slip you received at check-in before departure. This is called a "baggage claim tag" in English, and it is an important item that allows staff to search for your luggage based on this number.

It may be affixed to the back of your boarding pass, so be sure to keep your boarding pass handy when boarding a plane.
It will go smoothly if you say, "This is my claim tag."

If you stay at the place you arrived, or if you transfer

If your baggage is not found, you will need to fill out a PIR, a baggage loss report form, and wait for notification. Lost baggage is often the result of incorrect tags or forgotten luggage, and is usually found within a few hours to a few days.

If you will be staying at the location you arrived at, please include the address and phone number of the hotel. It is best to write down your itinerary and the official name, address, and phone number of the hotel where you will be staying in English before you depart.

If you ask "How can I check the status of my lost baggage?", you may be able to find out how to check the status of your lost baggage. can.

You may be able to check online, or be contacted by phone or email.
If you are changing trains or moving to a different location within a few days, let the staff know and write down your destination. In that case, say, "I will stay in (name of the place you're going to), could you send my bag to (name of the hotel you're staying at, etc.)."

If you want to ask if there is compensation

In the event of lost baggage, you can seek compensation from the airline. You may want to ask the staff member, "What sort of compensation can I get?"

Additionally, if you need to buy new clothes because your lost luggage contained spare clothes, you can claim the cost of those clothes from the airline.
Billing methods vary depending on the airline, so it's best to check in advance.
Ask the staff, "Could you tell me how to claim for essential items?"

Also, when purchasing daily necessities, don't forget to keep your receipts. If you ask "May I have some amenities?", depending on the airline you may be able to receive amenities such as shampoo or basic cosmetics, so be sure to ask if you need them.

To travel with peace of mind

Many people would be worried and panic if their luggage suddenly went missing while on a trip. Most of the lost baggage is returned to you, although it takes time, due to things such as forgetting to load baggage, being late, going to the wrong airport due to a tag being issued incorrectly, or misplacing baggage.

First, calm down, tell the staff that you lost your luggage, and show them your luggage receipt. Fill out the lost baggage report with the address and phone number of the place you are staying so that if your baggage is found, it will be delivered to your hotel.

If you're wondering how long it will take to get your package, you can ask, "How long will it take to arrive my baggage?"

It is said that the probability of lost baggage occurring is decreasing year by year, but no matter how many countermeasures you take, it will still happen. If you are not confident in speaking English, you can write English on paper, so please calmly tell the staff.

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