[Trouble] What to do if your suitcase breaks while traveling

First, take a photo of the broken condition.

If you confirm that your suitcase is damaged, even though it was not damaged before you checked it in, immediately take a photo with your smartphone. If you have this photo, the airport can prove that the suitcase was damaged while they were managing it.

The airline should be the one to report that your suitcase is damaged. If you can provide a photo along with the application form related to the accident, an accident certificate will be issued.

If you have this certificate, the airline will cover the cost of repairing your suitcase, so don't forget to report it if your expensive suitcase is damaged. The application location differs depending on the airport, so please inquire at the general counter.

At most airports, there is often an application counter near the baggage pick-up turntable. The same applies to airports overseas.

Look for the counter that says "Baggage Information" and tell them that your suitcase was damaged and that you need an accident certificate. If you cannot find the counter, please ask the ground staff for the location of the counter for inquiries.

However, some people may not know the location, perhaps because they have only been working for a short time, or may be given incorrect information, so we recommend that you speak to more than one staff member if possible to confirm.

Also, if you apply after you have left the airport, the airport may not be recognized as the cause of the damage. Get in the habit of checking the condition of your suitcase as soon as you receive it, and if something is broken, report it before you leave the airport.

What to do if the key is broken

What to do if your suitcase lock breaks while traveling depends on the situation. If you can confirm the problem at the airport, ask the on-premises repair shop to open the lock. Repair shops are often located in easily accessible locations, and in addition to opening locks, they can also provide oil pumps and make duplicate keys.

You can rely on it even in cases where you often have problems such as the lock not locking properly or the key not coming out properly. In Japan, you can also request a locksmith outside the airport to open the lock.

Additionally, if the suitcase key you received from the turntable is broken, you may be able to have the key unlocked and your suitcase replaced by reporting the broken key.

We recommend a repair shop. It opens the lock without breaking the key, so you can continue to use your favorite suitcase. If your key breaks outside of the airport while you are traveling abroad, we recommend that you return to the airport and have it repaired at a repair shop.

There are safety issues when using an unknown locksmith outside of the country, and there is also the possibility that the locksmith you hire may break the lock and make it impossible to open your door. Another way to deal with this is to choose a case that has an emergency unlocking method, just in case.

What to do if the casters break

If the casters break while traveling, decide whether to repair them or replace the case depending on the length of your stay. Depending on the repair company, caster repairs may take a week or more. If your stay is short, we recommend purchasing a new one as repairs may not be in time.

We may be able to repair your repair on the same day you request it, but it may take some time as you will need to order parts. Even if you install non-standard casters through forceful repairs, they will eventually break, so if you plan to continue using your suitcase, you should wait for official parts to arrive.

If you are staying for a long time, we recommend repairing as you have time to wait for parts to arrive. In most cases, the cost is less than 10,000 yen. However, be aware that high-end branded products can cost more than double the market price. Before signing a contract, ask the repair company for a quote to make sure it fits within your budget.

If a repair person is not available, try using auxiliary casters. It has small casters, and if you change the direction of the suitcase, you may be able to use the casters to carry it on a flat road. However, it is difficult to carry, so consider replacing it during your trip.

One option is to procure new substitutes.

If your suitcase breaks while traveling domestically, you can call a repair company relatively easily, but when traveling overseas, there are many cases where you cannot rely on a repair company.

Near tourist spots or large stations, you may see stores or stalls of businesses that help tourists solve problems that often occur to tourists, such as suitcase malfunctions, but there is a risk that the contents of your suitcase may be tampered with. Therefore, depending on the region, it cannot be relied on easily.

In such a case, one option is to take the plunge and buy a new suitcase. In particular, if the top handle falls off or is damaged in a way that cannot be handled by an amateur, consider replacing it. It is also important not to attempt repairs on your own. This allows you to limit the damage to items that can be repaired, making it easier for people to accept your purchase.

The problem is how to dispose of the broken suitcase, but you should discuss this with the owner of the accommodation you are using. If the suitcase is of high quality, they will be happy to accept it. In that case, it is good manners to leave the contents of your suitcase empty. It is also important to explain the location of the failure to avoid spoilage. Another option is to ask a hotel employee, such as the front desk or cleaning staff, to dispose of the waste. In that case, tip more.

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